3 Diabetes Superfoods To Help Lower Your Risk

Making changes in your diet can help to protect against the high blood sugar symptoms and signs of diabetes, which can include tiredness, needing two urinate more often, and feeling very thirsty.

Diabetes is a common condition that has been diagnosed in an estimated 4.9 million people in the UK, and there are concerns that there could be up to 850,000 people not yet diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which propose can live with for 10 years before getting a diagnosis, meaning it is important to recognise the signs.

There are a further 13.6 million people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, with major risk factors including being overweight or being African—Caribbean. But by making changes early, including eating healthier, you can preset a diagnosis.

Eating certain foods could help to protect against high blood sugar symptoms. In particular, there are three ‘diabetes superfoods’ you should definitely be adding to your diet plan.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then you must learn how to manage your blood sugar levels, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by making some lifestyle changes, including making changes to your diet, but making the right choices can be difficult.

However, some foods can be ideal in helping to protect against blood sugar spikes.

According to Diabetes.co.uk, certain foods can provide a wealth of huge health benefits for people diagnosed with the condition, and these are often referred to as diabetes superfoods.

While these superfoods have been claimed to lower blood sugar levels effectively, Diabetes.co.uk added: “Although many of these foods offer significant health benefits for people with diabetes, they should not be relied upon entirely.”

Beans, berries, and cinnamon are all great diet swaps for anybody with diabetes, it said.



Beans are rich in soluble fibre, making them ideal for diabetes patients. The fibre helps reduce cholesterol levels while lowering blood sugar levels. However, beans are high in carbohydrates, even though it is a slower acting carbohydrate than other foods such as bread or pasta.

It does mean that anyone following a low-carb diet should moderate their consumption of beans, but do not need to cut them out completely.



Berries have numerous health benefits for diabetes patients, particularly for those with type 2 diabetes. Berries contain compounds known as anthocyanins which can help lower insulin resistance while also increasing insulin sensitivity.

They are also a great source of vitamin C, and are low in carbohydrates, making them a great way of making unhealthy or carb-heavy meals into something more nutritious.



Cinnamon has long been hailed as a great choice for diabetes patients, and you can add it simply to your diet as a supplement or by adding a pinch to meals.

There have been serval studies that suggest cinnamon is an excellent choice for anyone diagnosed with diabetes and has been shown to lower blood glucose, reduce LDL cholesterol, and increase insulin sensitivity.


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