4 Ayurvedic Herb Powders For Better Quality Sleep Patterns

ayurvedic powders - Ashwagandha ginseng

It’s estimated that one in three adults in the UK experiences difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. This can have a serious impact on our mental and physical wellbeing, affecting work performance and the quality of our leisure and social life. Some people may have occasional bouts of poor sleep, while others may have a chronic sleep disorder.

Insomnia is defined as poor sleep quality over a period of at least three months, for at least three nights per week. It doesn’t necessarily mean lying awake all night, but it involves extreme difficulty getting off to sleep, staying asleep, or waking too early and not being able to go back to sleep. 

Poor sleep can be caused by a variety of factors, including anxiety, stress, and depression. It may also be the result of chronic pain, allergies, lifestyle habits, or a poor sleep environment. Older people and women tend to experience sleep problems more frequently than others.

Resolving sleep disorders successfully starts with identifying the underlying causes. However, some people find that worrying about not getting enough sleep only perpetuates the cycle of worry and frustration, and the problem becomes even more entrenched. It is possible to buy over the counter medications or get prescription medications for insomnia.

However, it is not recommended to take these medications for more than two weeks consecutively, because many of them have side effects, and over time the effectiveness wears off. Many people dislike sleeping tablets because they do not induce genuine restful sleep, and they feel groggy and are affected by brain fog the next day.

There are natural alternatives that are based on ancient Indian medicine. Ayurvedic herbs have been used for centuries as a remedy for poor sleep. Here is a look at how these traditional herbal remedies can be used in powder form to improve your sleep quality.

  • Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is of the tomato plant family, and is native to dry regions of India, North Africa, and the Middle East. It has been used for thousands of years to counteract the negative effects of stress in the body, so it may be effective in treating people who find that anxiety, stress, and related emotional problems are affecting their sleep patterns.

It is available in powder form and can be mixed with a little water or a smoothie to drink before bed, promoting rest and relaxation.

  • Brahmi

Brahmi is an adaptogenic that has traditionally been used to alleviate anxiety and help to calm an anxious mind. In Ayurveda, it is often referred to as ‘The Enlightened One’ because it can help to bring mental clarity and ease worries and low moods. 

  • Shatavari

Shatavari is particularly suitable for menopausal women who are experiencing disrupted sleep, because it can help to rebalance the hormones. 

  • Tagara

Tagara root powder can be mixed with a little warm water or milk for an effective sleep aid. It is part of the Valerianic plant family, and it can have a powerful sedative effect so it should be introduced gradually.

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