If you’re looking to incorporate a superfood powder into your diet that will offer multiple health and well-being benefits, then it’s time to look at Maca powder. When it comes to this superfood, UK buyers are queueing up to enjoy the benefits. It works well in drinks, juices, smoothies, salads and cooked foods – and it’s great in baked goods for a healthier treat. Here are our top 5 maca benefits!

High vitamin content

Research into Maca powder is ongoing and initial studies suggest that it is rich in vitamins B, C and E, as well as being abundant in zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, amino acids and phosphorus.

A great sex life!

Maca powder has been used for centuries to help promote a healthy sex life in men and women alike, boosting both endurance and libido.

Women’s health

The powder is also used to alleviate menstrual problems and the effects of the menopause. There is also anecdotal evidence that it helps to soothe depression and anxiety. It is important to note however that it shouldn’t be taken by pregnant or lactating women, as its effects on these groups are yet to be quantified.


Maca is a great natural ingredient for enhancing stamina, and it is popular with athletes looking to boost their performance. Only a small amount is needed to feel the difference, both mentally and physically. Try adding it to a protein drink to help grow muscle mass after strength training, and add a spoon into a fresh juice before a cardio workout for an energy pop!

Overall health

Maca powder is also believed to help with wound healing, dental health and skin issues, helping to relieve sensitivity and to treat acne. It may also help with hormonal balance too.

You can buy this superfood online at Detox Trading in convenient multi-serving packs, ready to add to your food and drinks. Check out our video to learn more of the top 5 maca benefits. Start enjoying the benefits of Maca powder today!

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