Bath Blends
Home Spa Therapy From The Clay Cure

The healing powers of hot springs have been known for thousands of years. People around the world and across different cultures have used springs as a natural treatment option for various common ailments. When you consider that the word Spa is an acronym for the Latin phrase ” salus peraquae” or “health through the water” it’s easy to see how soaking in mineral rich water can benefit everyone in today’s stressful world. The water found in hot spring contains a variety of natural minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and sodium bicarbonate.

The Clay Cure range of Home Spa Therapy is wholly inspired by nature.

Bathing in our uniquely formulated blends and salts will allow your skin to soak in these essential minerals, some of the immediate benefits will be a boost to blood circulation and increase in oxygen flow.

Reported benefits of bathing in these Spa blends/salts are:
tiny Reduces stress levels
tiny Elimination of toxins
tiny Pain relieving
tiny Helps to promote sleep
tiny Increase metabolism and absorption of essential minerals
tiny Revitalises and relaxes the mind

From the comfort of your home, create your very own Spa experience. Soak your cares and aches away. A deliciously soothing and calming effect, that will refresh your body and mind.