Himalayan Pink Salt

Something of an enigma in the world of superfoods, Pink Himalayan Salt has the distinction of going against the grain and is a simple, cheap, and very cheerful superfood. Here are the Himalayan salt benefits, enjoy!

With its exotic name and appealing pink appearance, you would be forgiven for thinking this superfood is nothing more than a gimmick as sea salt coloured pink. But there is far more to it than that. While this distinguished little condiment is, in fact, rock salt with a pink hue, its origins make it very special indeed. They are also the reason for that distinct rosy tint.

The salt is mined in the Himalayan mountains. The sea salt beds the salt comes from are quite unique in that they were covered by lava roughly two hundred million years ago. There is a considerable amount of scientific data on the region, and the notion that the lava layer formed an impenetrable barrier, protecting the salt from the harsh pollutants of the world. The lava is also responsible for tinting the salt that beautiful colour.

Himalayan salt benefits from having unusually high concentrations of minerals found within it, coupled with the fact it has a much lower sodium content than regular salt. The result of this is that it contains a lot more essential nutrients (minerals) and a lot less of the aspect of salt that so many meals contain too much of (sodium). Nutritionists are happy to agree that there are tangible benefits to this funky little salt and no known downsides to using it.

While the world has been raving for some time about how much better sea salt is for us than regular salt, Pink Himalayan Salt has now stormed the field and shaken things up once again. It’s finally providing us with a salty option that tastes great, and not only isn’t as damaging to our health, but actively provides nutrients we need, and struggle to find elsewhere.

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