Best superfoods for your hair


Superfoods for your hair

Are your tresses looking a little sad? Sometimes, despite eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep, our hair can feel and appear worse for wear. Perhaps you’ve tried it with some hot summer sun, hair dyes and heat tools, or maybe your hair is naturally prone to dryness and breakage. Well, here are a few hair care tricks that you may not have thought of.

For instance, did you know that when applied directly to your scalp and hair, superfoods can truly work wonders and leave you looking at your shiny strands in the mirror thinking, ‘is that really my hair?’

Firstly, we cannot stress the importance of coconut oil enough. Did you know that the most damaging thing most people put on their hair is actually water? When we wash our hair, the water penetrates our hair shaft and causes it to swell. This puts pressure on the outer layer of our hair (which is called the cuticle), often causing it to break. This breakage is what prevents shine, as it takes a smooth cuticle to reflect shine. However, coconut oil can essentially waterproof your hair if applied before washing and allowed to soak in. The oil will stop any water from getting inside your hair shaft when you wash it, therefore greatly reducing breakage. Coconut oil is the only oil which has been shown to have this effect, which is just another reason it’s a superfood!

Secondly, amla powder – the powder of a fruit native to India and Burma – has been used for centuries to enhance hair condition, growth and natural texture. Amla powder is very often added to henna and indigo mixtures, as it adds moisture as well as cooler tones for red and brown dyes. You can nourish your hair by using amla as a conditioner, add texture to fine hair or boost curls by simply making a paste of amla powder and water, which you then massage into your hair and scalp in relaxing circular motions. Leave your hair in a shower cap for 30 minutes so that your head heat works its magic and then shampoo and condition as usual.

Lastly, add a touch of oregano oil to your conditioner for a natural anti-dandruff solution. This fabulous-smelling oil is full of antioxidants and is antibacterial and antifungal, so it’s capable of treating skin complaints like dandruff as well as generally promoting scalp health. As a bonus, it also encourages hair growth when added to olive oil and massaged into the scalp.

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