Top Health Food Trends In 2020

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Christmas is the season of indulgence, which is why many of us choose to wipe our slate clean in the new year and swap the chocolates, booze and sausage rolls for healthier alternatives. Here we look at the top health food trends that we will adopt next year, so you can start eating well as [...]

Our favourite plant-based proteins

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Plant-based diets are on the rise, with over 600,000 vegans now in the UK, the number of vegans quadrupled between 2014 and 2019. And the trend is set to continue further, with restaurants, food producers and manufacturers offering more plant-based options and vegan protein than ever before. Not only that but performance athletes such as [...]

Beat IBS With These Easy Steps

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As many as 20% of Brits suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. With no official known cause, bowel symptoms such as cramps, gas, irregular bowel movements, pain, nausea, low energy and mood, are often all lumped into the IBS camp. But no longer do you have to suffer in silence. In this blog, we have outlined our [...]

Spring Energy

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Spring Energy Health Tips With the equinox behind us, we are now fully entering into longer and warmer days as spring arrives. Spring is associated with rebirth, regrowth and renewed energy. It is normal to feel slightly sluggish after emerging from the cold winter months of hibernation; so we have put together some health tips to [...]

How to love your gut

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All about your gut health, its links to mental health and what you can do to nourish your gut bacteria. Research has now confirmed that our gut microbiome could be the key to our health. The microbiome is a collection of 100 trillion micro organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi which live in our gut. They [...]

Why is Ginseng Good For You

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Why Ginseng is good for you Ginseng or Panax ginseng is a slow-growing plant with light-coloured fleshy roots and has traditionally been known to aid a range of medical conditions. Panax is derived from the Greek word 'panacea,' meaning 'all-healing.' Ginsenosides and gintonin are the two significant compounds found in ginseng. They complement one another to provide [...]

Coffee is not a Super Food

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WARNING - Coffee Drinkers Please Don’t Read This Coffee is not a Super Food Coffee Drinkers Please Don’t Read This Sorry about this post – I used to love Coffee – I was addicted to it and yet giving it up these past 7 years has been one of the best caring for my health [...]

The Beauty of Health

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For me, health is obviously a lot about the food you eat, the superfoods and suppliants you can take to support your body, but also about what you are putting on your skin, in your hair and around your home. Sophia - the clean green beauty machine   You would be amazed how absorbent your [...]

My Obsession With Mulberries

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In the last few months I have become absolutely obsessed with mulberries, I’m talking in my breakfast, in a smoothie, in all raw cakes & slices and even just munching them as they are for a snack. Now I have to admit I am not always the biggest fan of dried fruit, raisins and sultanas [...]

Living Healthy on the Go

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“Work to live, don’t live to work” is a saying I hear so much these days. And so often I meet people who are completely burnt out from working all hours, a lack of sleep, eating fast/convenient foods and not taking the time to rest or nurture themselves. I completely support high achievers and admire [...]

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