Three top superfoods for feeling great


There are so many wonderful benefits that can be felt once you start introducing superfood powders to your diet, and there’s no need to wait and wonder about the ones you’ve never tried as it’s easier than ever to buy superfood online, particularly with sites like Detox Trading. The following three have been selected as they have the power to propel you through a cold January and leave you feeling energised and nourished. Here are our top feel good superfoods.

1. Camu Camu powder

Camu Camu powder is a powdered form of the Camu berry, a Brazilian superfruit. This wonderful tasting powder packs sixty times more vitamin C per serving than an orange. It contains up to 1180% of your recommended daily allowance of this important vitamin per single teaspoon. There’s no better time to top up on vitamin C than in winter, and especially after the Christmas and New Year festivities in which your health may have taken a back seat. Moreover, the taste of this pink powder is deliciously sweet and sour like sherbert, making it easy to keep your levels topped up. For more info on camu camu powder, check out this video.

2. Bee pollen

Another fabulous tasting natural product, bee pollen has, historically, been used for many ailments – from improving intestinal health to restoring blood cells – but it also provides considerable protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, fatty acids and amino acids amongst other nutrients. In fact, bee pollen has been called a ‘complete food’ due to the mighty nutritional punch it packs, which is great for giving you a boost and seeing you safely through winter.

3. Turmeric powder

Finally, a warming and flavoursome spice with medicinal benefits that have been recognised in Asian cultures for centuries.

Here’s a recipe video about one of our featured feel good superfoods, enjoy!

Turmeric contains curcumin, a powerful compound which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Curcumin is best absorbed by the body alongside fat, so to get the full benefits of turmeric you can add it to an oily snack or whip up a turmeric ‘latte’, using nut ‘milk’ and adding cinnamon for a gorgeous sweetness. It could also pay to add a sprinkle of black pepper, not only for the warming effect but also because it contains the compound piperine which aids the absorption of curcumin.

With these three superfoods, you’ll beat those January blues in no time!

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