Foods To Lower Cholesterol

High Cholesterol is a very common medical problem for Britons. In many cases it is entirely caused by poor diet, although for some there is a genetic propensity towards higher cholesterol levels even when the individual eats quite carefully and is very active.

Just like fat, there are good and bad kinds of cholesterol. These are known as high density lipoprotein (HDL), which is good cholesterol, and low density lipoprotein (LDL), which is the harmful stuff. 

Cholesterol has a useful role to play in helping develop hormones, digestive fluids and vitamin D. However, HDL  is good because it helps transport LDL to the liver and out of your system, whereas LD is what can build up in your arteries and potentially lead to strokes, heart disease, gallstones and brain disease.

Although your body makes cholesterol, the amount in your system can be raised markedly by a poor diet. Full fat dairy products, fatty red meat, processed food with saturated fats and salt added and excess alcohol can all make matters worse.

However, a good diet is not just about eating things that add less cholesterol to your system. Some foods actively lower the amount in your body. Indeed, it is a good reason to add fruit and vegetable powders to your cooking, as fruit and veg are among them. 

Other healthier foods include nuts, soy, beans, oats, white meats such as poultry and fish, as well as healthy fats such as those in olive oil or avocados. 

The great benefit of this switch of diet is it will help in so many other ways too. Combined with exercise, it will help you stay fit and enjoy good general cardio health, stay more active and for longer, keep your weight down and leave you feeling good about yourself.

By keeping your cholesterol down, you can also enjoy a whole range of other health benefits while still enjoying tasty food.

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