He Shou Wu: What can it do for you?

He Shou Wu - Fo Ti Powder

He shou wu benefits

With a mysterious history as rich as the culture it derives from, He Shou Wu (pronounced he-show-woo) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3,000 years. Also known as Fo-Ti, this particular herb is considered to be the elixir of life in Asian herbalism, with properties that help to preserve stamina, vigour, and youth. He Shou Wu is specially prepared tuberous root of the Polygonum Multiflorumplant, found in the mountains of southern and central China.

Legend suggests that a weak and frail man by the name of Neng Si would come to discover He Shou Wu after waking from a drunken sleep. He found entwined plant vines and decided to dig them up, and take them home. Following the advice of a passing hermit, Neng Si ground the root into a powder and ate some, only to find a few days later that he was beginning to feel stronger, and more energetic. In a matter of months, he would transform from a hapless, to virile and would even come to father a number of sons in the coming years. The herb had rejuvenated him, and it has been a highly-revered energising tonic ever since.


As the tale of Neng Si suggests, He Shou Wu is widely regaled for its anti-ageing benefits. It is not only-supposed to be of great use in maintaining vibrant looking hair, but it is also said to help strengthen the back and joints. He Shou Wu is also full of antioxidants that can also help to look after the eyes.

Libido Booster 

These youthful properties go beyond physical appearance and mobility. Not only will this particular herb prove useful in maintaining a youthful and healthy sex drive, but it is also considered to be extremely useful in seeking to improve fertility when looking to conceive a child.

Zinc and Iron supplement       

The high levels of zinc and iron in this herb make it an excellent cell producer, and it even stimulates blood-generating cells and improves circulation. It can be extremely difficult to maintain the necessary levels of these minerals, therefore to keep up with the levels that your body needs to run smoothly, the addition of He Shou Wu is absolutely essential.

Rejuvenation of mind and body

He Shou Wu is, above all else, an energising tonic in Asian herbalism, therefore it is a valuable dietary addition that could help to keep your energy levels up. In addition, it is said to have properties that help to reverse hair loss, and can help to protect and restore DNA, improve brain and liver function, and can help to boost the immune system.


For those who experience periods of high stress and anxiety, He Shou Wu has a number of calming properties, thanks to its natural balancing and muscle relaxant properties. The health and wellness benefits really do seem to be endless.

How should you take it?

Before it can be safely taken as a tonic herb, He Shou Wu needs to be properly prepared. At Detox Trading, our organic He Shou Wu is sliced and stewed in a black bean stew. The roots are then dried and ground in to a powder. Traditionally He Shou Wu is the ideal herb to be made as a hot tea, or can be simply mixed with cooler water. If you are interested in the hair growth properties, then creating a mixture with oil or water, then rubbing it directly in to the scalp could have a much more noticeable effect.

Start with a small dose, no more than 1/4 teaspoon daily, and slowly work up to 1 teaspoon a day.

As a family-run business, Detox Trading is dedicated to providing premium quality, organic superfoods, certified by the UK Soil Association. Visit our website for more information about the fantastic herb that is He Shou Wu, or view some of our other amazing organic powders and superfoods.

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