How Much Tea Have You Been Drinking During Lockdown?

Did you know that 21 May was International Tea Day? Don’t worry if you missed it, because there’s always an excuse to have a soothing cup of tea, especially at the moment.

We thought that it was a great excuse to run through some of our organic tea blends with you and remind you why these can be a great alternative to a traditional brew. In fact, research by recently found that during lockdown we’ve been drinking almost twice as much tea as normal in the UK.

This isn’t the only survey that has pointed to increased tea consumption among Brits in recent months.

Sustain Health shared the findings of a survey by SaveOnEnergy, which also revealed that we’re consuming many more hot beverages at the moment than would normally be expected.

While English tea with milk was the most popular choice (47 per cent said this was their first option for a brew), herbal tea was in second place with 24 per cent choosing this kind of drink when they put the kettle on.

Black tea was up next, with 13 per cent enjoying a cup of the tea without milk, followed by green tea, which was popular among nine per cent of those questioned. Fruit tea was the final one to feature on the list, with seven per cent drinking this regularly.

On average, the research found that Brits are drinking two more cups of tea a day now than they were before lockdown.

If you’re drinking more tea but want to cut down on the amount of tea you’re drinking with milk or sugar, investing in some good-quality herbal tea and other blends can be the way to go. There are plenty of options out there and many herbal teas often bring additional health benefits.

Our After Tea, for instance, is a blend of chamomile, peppermint, caraway and fennel seed. We’ve designed this blend specifically to aid digestion (hence the name), although these herbs are also used around the world to help with stress relief and muscle relaxation too.

Our Purifying Tea, meanwhile, is a blend of green cardamom seeds, aniseed and fennel seeds. Cardamom has long been associated with relieving digestive problems, so this is another great choice if you want to give your gut some love.

For anyone who regularly drinks green tea, meanwhile, you could enjoy a new twist on this drink by opting for Japanese Genmaicha Tea. As well as Sencha green tea, this blend also features toasted rice and popped corn. That might sound strange, but the flavour is delicious and in Japanese tradition this beverage is renowned for its soothing effects.

If you’ve been missing a chai tea or latte from your favourite cafe, you could give our Amazonian Chai Tea blend a go. This is a mix of lapacho, cassia, rooibos, thyme and cloves giving it a really rich flavour. Chai has long been associated with providing a boost to the immune system, so it could be a good option at present.

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