How Successful Were You When Taking Part In 2023’s Veganuary?


Every January since 2014, thousands of people have signed up to Veganuary, committing themselves to a vegan diet to challenge themselves, experience health benefits, and do their bit for climate change. 

If you are among the many participants of Veganuary 2023, how successful were you with staying meat-free for the whole month?

Although figures aren’t out yet, more than half (55 per cent) of those who took part in Veganuary last year managed to successfully complete it. Although nearly a third participated because they had planned to adopt a vegan diet anyway, some people find eating an entirely plant-based diet much harder than they had anticipated. 

However, the figures showed the opposite, with 36 per cent committing to being vegan after doing Veganuary last year. In fact, just nine per cent said they would return to their previous diet or weren’t sure whether they would or not. 

Around six million people have done Veganuary since it launched, with 53 per cent completing it more than once. As much as one-fifth have done it four times or more. 

It has definitely helped promote the benefits of eating healthily and having a meat-free diet, with 85 per cent of all non-vegan past participants claiming to have cut down on their animal products as a result of the campaign. 

Those who have taken part in this year’s Veganuary will have found it easier thanks to the huge array of plant-based products available these days, including ready meals, superfoods, supplements, and alternatives to popular meat dishes.

To boost your vegan diet, consider replacing the protein you would have previously gotten from meat with organic protein powder in the UK, which will help you maintain a healthy weight, curb hunger pangs, and reduce muscle loss. 

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