How To Celebrate World Vegan Day

Veganism has really taken off over the last few years, and even people who continue to eat animal products are more aware of plant-based diets and may dabble in them from time to time. So why not come together to celebrate World Vegan Day next month?

On November 1st, the vegan community will celebrate veganism, raising awareness for the lifestyle among the general public. 

The Vegan Society plans to release new content throughout the whole of November to encourage more people to consider veganism, give them advice on how to eat on a budget, and provide tips on making sure they get a rich and varied diet. 

“We’ve been working with the brilliant Sustainable Kitchen to develop a series of videos which include more low-cost recipes, as well as ways of re-purposing nutritious vegan staples to highlight how to get the most out of healthy ingredients, in the most affordable way,” a spokesperson for The Vegan Society stated.

It also reminded the public of its Live Vegan For Less campaign, which was launched during the pandemic but has become relevant again, thanks to the cost-of-living crisis. It advises people to batch cook and freeze meals, look for recipes on social media, bulk buy staples like pulses, purchase frozen vegetables and fruit, and alternate spices and herbs to liven up meals so they can have tasty dishes without breaking the bank. 

Stock up on seeds, nuts and organic dried fruit in the UK, as these are ideal for adding to smoothies, cereals, soups and puddings. 

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