How Vegan Superfoods Can Build Up Your Muscle Mass

Legumes And Beans. Dried, Raw And Fresh. Lentils, Chickpeas, Mun

The idea of a ‘beach body’ is a concept we are all familiar with and it is bound to come to the fore in various media outlets as spring progresses and summer gets nearer.

Of course, not everyone wants to end up looking like David Hasselhof in his Baywatch days, but for men over 40 for whom maintaining muscle mass can be a bit harder, as well as some women, the challenge is one many will accept.

While the right strength exercises will be a key part of this quest, so too will the right foods. Some think that means literally getting beefed up by eating lots of red meat, but it is perfectly possible for vegetarians and vegans to bulk up their muscles in a meat-free way with the right superfood blends.

The Health Canal list of the top ten foods to build muscle does not even mention red meat at all, with five animal products – Greek yoghurt, whey protein, eggs fish oil and chicken – on the list. That still leaves five great vegan ways to build up muscle using superfoods.

Making up the rest of the list is the following: flaxseeds, beans, nuts and seeds, chia seeds and lentils. 

These can be eaten as they are, or included in protein powders in their complete form or as blends with other proteins. Either way, all of them provide lots of protein, which is the most important thing for building up muscle besides the right sort of exercise.

Women can also build up muscle using non-animal products. The Natural Side lists a number of these, including quinoa, oats, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, almonds and, once again, flaxseeds.

So, if you fancy getting your body looking wonderfully toned and muscled ready for the beach this summer, you can find as much help in vegan superfoods as you will down the gym.

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