Brain Nutrients – Healthy brain supplement

Support your memory, concentration and learning ability by feeding your brain with the nutrients it needs. Our Brain Nutrients supplements are formulated especially for brain health, with choline to maintain normal brain and nervous system development, and phosphatidylserine to aid performance and memory. With a unique blend of brain-friendly vitamins and minerals, it’s ideal for those who want to encourage a sharper mind or to help memory and learning into old age.

Love from Detox Trading  Supports healthy brain development
Love from Detox Trading  Aids memory, concentration and learning abilities
Love from Detox Trading  A complete formulation to support a healthy functioning brain
Love from Detox Trading  Take alongside Advanced Nutrition Complex and DMAE

Other amazing products that can help with healthy brain function are coconut oil, turmeric and bramhi.

Two capsules typically provide

260mg Choline, 200mg Arginine pyroglutamate, 100mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 200mg Pantothenic acid, 30mg Phosphatidyl serine, 20mg Vitamin B3, 100µg Folic acid, 20µg Vitamin B12.

Brain Nutrients Details

Take 2 capsules once or twice a day, with meals.