Sea Weed And Eat It – Why Kelp Is Such Great Stuff

Fucus Vesiculosus, Bladder Wrack, Black Tang, Rockweed, Sea Grap

To many people, the idea of seaweed as food has often been novel. As kids, seeing the slimy toothed wrack or the squishy bladder wrack on the beach or in rock pools will have done nothing to whet the appetite.

Over recent years, however, that has been less so. The growth in popularity of cuisine like Japanese Sushi has made seaweed something people will often encounter and may even find in mainstream supermarkets.

To use organic seaweed powder in your food might seem like a bit of a step further. But it can actually be a wonderful way of getting more superfood benefits into your diet, especially when it is made from kelp, which is actually not a true plant at all. 

Kelp is an algae seaweed that grows in UK waters, but is also found in places around the world and is common in Asian diets. You will certainly not have to look far to spot it at a Sushi bar. There is good reason for it being popular in many countries, because its nutritious values are huge.

It is not just familiar things like vitamins (especially K1 and A), minerals and antioxidants. The benefits also include the presence of a substance called sodium alginate, which acts as a thickener in many foods. This means if you get it in powdered form, it can help thicken stews and soups as well as providing various health benefits.

Kelp also includes iodine, which can help with thyroid hormone production, plus iron, calcium, folate, zinc and magnesium.

There have also been studies indicating kelp may help combat oestrogen-related and colon cancers, as well as osteoporosis, although more research is needed on this.

With so many benefits, a bit of kelp powder in your meals could go a long way to boosting your all round health. You’ll never see seaweed the same way again.

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