Detox Trading is a family run business supplying premium quality organic superfoods, which is certified by the UK Soil Association.
We have been trading since 2007 – supplying the United Kingdom and Europe.
Our commitment is to sell superfoods cheaper than anyone else, whilst maintaining certified organic quality, and our intention is to stock the best superfoods that supports you in having a fantastic & healthy quality of life.
Our company motto is to run our business with “Integrity, Honesty and Kindness”.

Super Food Powders

Red Maca PowderShop Now
Mesquite PowderShop Now
Moringa Leaf PowderShop Now
Purple Corn Flour/CoarseShop Now

Super Foods

Acai PowderShop Now
Acerola PowderShop Now
Baobab PowderShop Now
Bee PollenShop Now
Camu CamuShop Now
Cat’s Claw PowderShop Now
Cinnamon PowderShop Now
Fenugreek PowderShop Now
Ginger PowderShop Now
Ginko Leaf PowderShop Now
Panax GinsengShop Now
Graviola PowderShop Now
Green Coffee PowderShop Now
Guarana PowderShop Now
Mangosteen Rind PowderShop Now
Milk Thistle PowderShop Now
MSM PowderShop Now
Muira PuamaShop Now
Nutritional Yeast FlakesShop Now
Rhodiola Rosea PowderShop Now
Rosehip PowderShop Now
Sea Buckthorn PowderShop Now
Siberian GinsengShop Now
Turmeric PowderShop Now

Superfood Blends

Vitality SupergreensShop Now
Balance Daily BlendShop Now
Strength Sports BlendShop Now

Protein Powders

Chia Protein PowderShop Now
Hemp Protein PowderShop Now
Pea Protein PowderShop Now

Vegetable Powders

Beetroot PowderShop Now
Kale PowderShop Now
Spinach PowderShop Now

Fruit Powders

Aronia PowderShop Now
Banana PowderShop Now
Blueberry PowderShop Now
Goji Berry PowderShop Now
Maqui PowderShop Now
Passion Fruit PowderShop Now
Vanilla PowderShop Now

Berries & Fruit

Goji BerriesShop Now
Goji Berry PowderShop Now
Golden BerriesShop Now
Black MulberriesShop Now
White MulberriesShop Now

Mushroom Powders

Chaga Powder OrganicShop Now
Chaga Powder WildShop Now
Cordyceps PowderShop Now
Lion’s Mane PowderShop Now
Maitake PowderShop Now
Poria CocosShop Now
Reishi PowderShop Now
Shiitake PowderShop Now
Turkey Tail PowderShop Now
Zhu Ling PowderShop Now

Ayurvedic Powders

Amla Berry PowderShop Now
Ashwagandha PowderShop Now
Bramhi PowderShop Now
Gotu Kola PowderShop Now
Mucuna Seed PowderShop Now
Neem PowderShop Now
Shatavari PowderShop Now
Tribulus Terrestris PowderShop Now
Triphala PowderShop Now
Tulsi PowderShop Now

Chinese Medicine

Astragalus PowderShop Now
Atractylodes PowderShop Now
Dong Quai PowderShop Now
Gynostemma PowderShop Now
He Shou Wu Fo-tiShop Now
Horny Goats WeedShop Now
Rehmannia PowderShop Now
Schisandra PowderShop Now

Super Green Powders

BarleyGrass Powder EUShop Now
BarleyGrass Powder NZShop Now
Chlorella PowderShop Now
Chlorella TabletsShop Now
Kelp PowderShop Now
Spirulina PowderShop Now
Hawaiian Spirulina PowderShop Now
Spirulina TabletsShop Now
WheatGrass Powder ChinaShop Now
WheatGrass Powder EUShop Now
WheatGrass Powder NZShop Now

Cacao & Carob

Cacao ButterShop Now
Cacao Liquor PasteShop Now
Cacao/Cocoa PowderShop Now
Carob PowderShop Now

Raw | Cacao | Raw

Raw Cacao BeansShop Now
Raw Cacao ButterShop Now
Raw Cacao PowderShop Now
Raw Cacao NibsShop Now
Raw Cacao Liquor PasteShop Now

Raw Chocolate

Chocolate GoldenberryShop Now

Coconut Products

Coconut FlourShop Now
Coconut Palm SugarShop Now
Coconut OilShop Now

Raw Seeds & Sprouting

Alfalfa Sprouting SeedsShop Now
Apricot KernelsShop Now
Broccoli Sprouting SeedsShop Now
Chia Seeds Black/WhiteShop Now
Flax Seeds GoldenShop Now
Pumpkin SeedsShop Now

Hemp Products

Hemp SeedsShop Now
Hulled Hemp SeedsShop Now
Hemp Protein PowderShop Now

Natural Sweeteners

Agave (Raw/Dark)Shop Now
Agave InulinShop Now
Coconut Palm SugarShop Now
Sugar Cane CrystalsShop Now
Steens Raw Manuka HoneyShop Now
Stevia Leaf PowderShop Now
Stevia Liquid – (59ml)Shop Now
Yacon Root PowderShop Now

Green & Herbal Tea's

Agave (Raw/Dark)Shop Now
Agave InulinShop Now
Coconut Palm SugarShop Now
Sugar Cane CrystalsShop Now
Steens Raw Manuka HoneyShop Now
Stevia Leaf PowderShop Now
Stevia Liquid – (59ml)Shop Now
Yacon Root PowderShop Now


Himalayan Pink Salt Fine/CoarseShop Now


Coconut OilShop Now

CBD Oil and Paste

Detox Trading – 8% CBD 10mlShop Now
DT CBD Active+ 5% 10mlShop Now


Citricidal Grapefruit Seed ExtractShop Now
CurcuminX4000Shop Now
Nascent Iodine 30mlShop Now
The Krill Miracle™Shop Now
Magnesium Oil Ultra 125mlShop Now
Oceans Alive 30ml/100mlShop Now
Oregano Oil 30mlShop Now
Pure Organic Minerals™Shop Now
Liquid Ionic SeleniumShop Now
SerraPlus+™Shop Now
Sodium BicarbonateShop Now

Detox Products/Probiotics

Activated CharcoalShop Now
Redmond Bentonite InternalShop Now
Digestive+ EnzymesShop Now
Probiotic 14Shop Now
Prescript-AssistShop Now
Psyllium Husk/PowderShop Now

The Clay Cure

Diatom Nutri Food GradeShop Now
Premium Green Clay EcocertShop Now
Premium Red Clay EcocertShop Now
Premium White Clay EcocertShop Now
Premium Nutri Clay EcocertShop Now
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay EcocertShop Now
Zeolite Deto Pure ClinoptiloliteShop Now

Detox Fasting Pack

Home Detox Fasting PackShop Now

Bath Spa Blends & Detox

Dead Sea SaltShop Now
Epsom SaltShop Now
Magnesium Chloride FlakesShop Now
Spa Bath Blend White NewShop Now
Spa Bath Blend Rouge NewShop Now
Spa Bath Blend Green NewShop Now
Home Spring Bath Blend NewShop Now

Natural Deodorants

Water Lily DeodorantShop Now
White Rose & Lotus DeodorantShop Now
Lavender DeodorantShop Now
Lemon & Tea Tree DeodorantShop Now
Mint & Vetiver DeodorantShop Now
Simply Neutral Deodorant NewShop Now

Natural Tooth Powder

Spearmint Tooth PowderShop Now
Fennel Tooth PowderShop Now

Detox Trading Gift Card

Detox Trading Voucher £10.00Shop Now
Detox Trading Voucher £20.00Shop Now
Detox Trading Voucher £50.00Shop Now
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