Top Health Food Trends In 2020


Christmas is the season of indulgence, which is why many of us choose to wipe our slate clean in the new year and swap the chocolates, booze and sausage rolls for healthier alternatives.

Here we look at the top health food trends that we will adopt next year, so you can start eating well as early as January 1st.


  • Mocktails for Dry January and beyond

If you have considered giving up alcohol for January, you wouldn’t be alone, as many people ditch booze after Christmas in order to give their livers a rest. Indeed, according to a study commissioned by Boomerang, Brits typically drank 26 units of alcohol a day between December 25th and New Year’s Day 2017, amounting to almost six billion across the country, the Drinks Business reported.

Therefore, it is no wonder lots of us are fed up with the hangover and groggy feeling that comes after a night drinking and want to have a rest from alcohol for a while.

That is why one of the biggest trend’s next month will be mocktails, with this craze set to continue for the rest of 2020 as well.

Yelp’s 2020 Trend Forecast Report revealed there are more non-alcoholic bars cropping up around the UK, while lots of places are now serving mocktails and drinks brands are introducing alcohol-free versions of their popular beverages.


  • Cannabis tea

CBD has become hugely popular over the last year, and it is not set to go away in 2020. In fact, you can now find it in sweets, skincare, chewing gum, and coffee, with many people intrigued by its health benefits, from anxiety relief, pain relief, a possible treatment for seizures, and being able to reduce the inflammation of acne, according to Healthline.

The Metro suggests cannabis tea will become a big thing in 2020, as this can easily become part of consumers’ daily routine. Once people start to sleep better, relax more, and find this to be a solution to their stress, they are likely to become big fans of the beverage.


  • Hybrid plant-based products

Veganism has become a huge trend, with The Vegan Society reporting 1.16 per cent of the UK now abstain from eating or wearing animal products, quadrupling from 2014. This amounts to 600,000 people, with nearly half (42 per cent) choosing to adopt this lifestyle as recently as 2018.

As a result, Britain launched more vegan products than any other nation that year, with plant-based foods hitting the shelves of supermarkets all over the country.

However, while veganism is set to remain popular, 2020 will see a hybrid of vegan and vegetarian products, so people eat more fruit and vegetables without avoiding other certain foods.

These hybrid goods include the likes of meat products, a quarter of which is made up of vegetables, enabling consumers to reduce their meat intake without cutting it out entirely.


  • Plant-based protein powders

It is not just fitness experts who are fans of protein powders, as more people are learning about the nutritional benefits of consuming a greater amount of protein for their energy levels and muscle tone.

However, animal goods are a strong source of protein, which makes it difficult for vegans and vegetarians to get enough. That is why organic protein powders UK will become more mainstream in 2020, including pumpkin seed, sunflower, hemp or pea protein powders.

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