What Superfoods Could Help Boost Your Immune System?


In the current situation, it’s understandable why people are looking for ways to boost their immune system and remain healthy. While the basis of a healthy immune system is a healthy, balanced diet, there are some superfoods that may lend your body a helping hand.

Vegconomist recently shared the findings of a US-based business, which highlighted the top superfoods consumers in the States are buying to help bolster their immune systems.

For example, acerola cherries are on the list because they are known to have particularly high vitamin C content. Goji berries are another fruit that makes the list, with these little berries having been used for centuries to help give our immune systems a boost.

Two different kinds of mushroom also made it onto the list – maitake mushrooms and chaga mushrooms. Both have different qualities but are believed to help our immune systems operate effectively. If you can’t find these kinds of mushrooms in their fresh form, buying mushroom powder is an excellent alternative.

You can add the powder to shakes and smoothies, so it’s easy to incorporate them into your diet – you can check out our recent blog about the different organic mushroom powders available and their various properties.

Another thing you might want to order from your superfood suppliers in the UK is nutritional yeast, according to Vegconomist. This is high in protein and B vitamins and is thought to have immune-boosting properties too. As a vegan, it also makes an excellent substitute for cheese in sauces and other dishes because of its cheesy flavour.

During this period, when you could well be feeling more stressed and anxious than normal, it’s essential to look after your body and especially your immune system.

A blog by the Healthy Chef also picked out some excellent ingredients to include in your diet to help keep your body healthy.

For example, it included ginger on the list because “studies have shown that ginger has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties” – there’s clearly a reason why it’s long been among the favourite remedies for those of us suffering from colds.

The post also noted the importance of including high-quality protein sources in your diet. Protein is important for helping to repair the body and is known to aid recovery from both illness and injury, it explained.

As a vegan or vegetarian, you certainly don’t need meat to get a good dose of protein in your diet. There are a host of vegan protein powders available, including hemp protein, pea protein, pumpkin seed protein and sunflower protein. You can add these to shakes or smoothies to help boost your protein intake during your day.

If you’re looking for a hot drink that can help keep you going and adds some nutritional value, make sure you have matcha green tea on your shelf. According to the Healthy Chef, matcha is “the most nutrient-rich green tea in the world”. It’s the antioxidants in the tea that help the immune system, the blog revealed, adding that it can also have a calming effect.

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