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Cacao Powder – Raw – Organic

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About our raw cacao power

Organic, raw cacao powder is rich in health benefits, as well as boasting a delicious, full flavour with a host of different uses.

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Cacao Powder – Raw

About our raw organic cacao powder

Organic, raw cacao powder is rich in health benefits, as well as boasting a delicious, full flavour with a host of different uses. Containing minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium, magnesium is also very high in antioxidants.

Soil AssociationIngredients: 100% Cacao powder
Country of Origin: Peru

Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao

There’s a reason so many people reach for chocolate when they need cheering up, raw cacao can actually boost serotonin levels in the brain (that’s what they call ‘the happy hormone’), and contains a molecule called anandamide, which could contribute to feelings of euphoria.

Grown and produced in Peru, the raw cacao beans are shelled and ground to make a raw cocoa liquor.  The liquor hardens to an unsweetened ‘chocolate’ when it cools below 95°f / 35°c.

High pressure and very low heat (below 42°c to ensure the product remains raw) is applied to the cocoa liquid to separate the butter and the ‘cake’ (the powder). The cake is then finely ground to make the highest quality, tastiest and most beneficial form of raw cacao powder.

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This product has been tested for pesticides, artificial fertilisers, heavy metals, e.coli, yeast, mould, salmonella and foreign matter. This product contains no bulking agents, added sugar, palm oil or GMO.

Suggested use:

This cacao is best used in its raw form to harness its multitude of nutritional benefits. It is delicious when made into raw chocolate with raw cacao butter, natural sweeteners and additional ingredients of your choice (nuts, berries, dried fruit, super green powders, lucuma etc) and is also wonderful in smoothies, shakes and raw puddings.

Nutritional info Per 100g
Energy KJ – 1492 kJ
Energy Kcal – 358Kcal
Fat – 11.6 Of which saturates – 6.7
Carbohydrate – 21.8 Of which sugar – 0.8
Fibre – 28.0
Protein – 27.6
Salt – <0.1
Potassium – 1660mg
Magnesium – 545mg
Iron – 10.3mg

Allergen free from:
Peanut, Peanut Oil
Tree nuts
Sesame Seeds
Milk & Derivatives
Wheat & Gluten
Other Known Allergens
Free from any GMO

EU Regulation on nutrition and health limits us giving any nutrition or health claims on our products. This does not mean you can’t research your own information on the internet, concerning these products.

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