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Siberian Ginseng Powder

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About our Siberian ginseng powder

Siberian ginseng powder has been used as an energy tonic in traditional Chinese medicine, Siberian ginseng contains a group of active compounds called eleutherosides that are highly beneficial for health.

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Siberian Ginseng Powder

Siberian ginseng powder is has been used as an energy tonic in China for thousands of years, Siberian ginseng only gained recognition in the West in the 1950’s. The important ingredients in Siberian ginseng are a group of active compounds referred to as eleutherosides.

Detox Trading SuperfoodsIngredients: 100% Siberian Ginseng root
Country of Origin: China
Botanical Name: Eleutherococcus Senticosus

siberian-ginseng-rootTraditional Chinese healers have used it to reinforce the body’s vital energy (what the Chinese call ‘Qi’). It is loved by athletes for improving performance and in Russia, millions of people use the herb as a tonic.

We are currently much more familiar with the plant’s botanical cousin Panax ginseng, which is also much more expensive than the Siberian variety. We have found, however, that the properties of Siberian ginseng are equally as good, and it has earned an enthusiastic following.

Over the past three decades there has been a considerable amount of scientific work on the chemistry, pharmacology and clinical effects of Siberian ginseng.

This product has been tested for heavy metals, e.coli, yeast, mould, salmonella and foreign matter. This product contains no bulking agents, added sugar, palm oil or GMO.

Suggested use:

½ – 1 tsp daily, best taken first thing in the morning. Can be taken with water, juice, or added to a smoothie.


Avoid Siberian ginseng if you have high blood pressure. It is also not suitable for pregnant women.

Nutritional Info  (Per 100g)
Energy  – 845KJ/207kcal
Total Carbohydrate – 8.70g
Of which Sugar – 1.47g
Dietary Fiber – 67.12g
Protein – 5.19g
Total Fat – 1.94g
of which Saturated fat – 1.53g
Sodium – 0.015g

Allergen free from:
Peanut, Peanut Oil
Tree nuts
Sesame Seeds
Milk & Derivatives
Wheat & Gluten
Other Known Allergens
Free from any GMO

EU Regulation on nutrition and health limits us giving any nutrition or health claims on our products. This does not mean you can’t research your own information on the internet, concerning these products. 

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