Golden Berries 🌿 Organic

Golden Berries 🌿 Organic

Golden Berries 🌿 Organic


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About our incan golden berries

Originating from Peru, golden berries are a small yellow/orange cherry with an excellent nutritional profile. They are high in phosphorous, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and B12 and contain a good amount of dietary fibre.

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About our organic Incan golden berries

Soil AssociationCountry of Origin: Peru
Botanical Name: Physalis Peruviana
Other Names: Incan Berries, Cape Gooseberries


Originating from Peru, golden berries are a small yellow/orange cherry with a pulpy pericarp in which the seeds are embedded.

Originally cultivated thousands of years ago in the Incan Empire, these dried berries have seen a huge resurgence of popularity in markets around the world due to their unique taste and remarkable health benefits. Also known as ‘Incan berries’ or ‘cape gooseberries’, golden berries grow in warm climates on a small but resilient bush, where natural paper hulks resembling Chinese lanterns delicately cradle the small golden fruit on the inside. Once harvested, the berries are sun-dried, developing a robust and complex citrus flavour that can be likened to a sweet, tangy marmalade.

Golden Berry - Physalis

Not your average dried fruit, flavour packed golden berries also boast an excellent nutritional profile. They are high in phosphorous, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and B12 and contain a good amount of dietary fibre. They are also extremely high in protein (16%) for a fruit. The fruit also contains notable amounts of carotene and bioflavonoids.

With the sweetness of raisins and the zing of tart citrus zest, dried golden berries are a mouthwatering treat. Delicious eaten straight out of the bag, golden berries inherent complex flavour also makes them an excellent pairing food in tajines, curries, cakes, puddings or enjoyed with raw chocolate or wine.

Approved health benefits of golden berries *

Love from Detox Trading  Nervous system support
Love from Detox Trading  Normal function of cell membranes
Love from Detox Trading  Normal muscle function
Love from Detox Trading  Maintenance of bones & teeth
Love from Detox Trading  Maintenance of normal blood pressure
Love from Detox Trading  Energy-yielding metabolism

* These approved health benefits are based on the detailed nutritional composition of the product we supply. These health benefits may not be applicable to similar products from other suppliers.

How our golden berries are processed

Unripe Physalis BerriesWhile golden berries grow wild in many parts of the world, our golden berries are cultivated on carefully managed, organically certified farms in Peru.

After flowering, golden berries ripen on the plant over three to four months. Our farmers are careful not to harvest the berries until the fruit is at optimum ripeness. There is a protective fruit basket which catches fruit as it ripens, and allows the berries to ripen in dry conditions without compromising the quality. To help gather fruits of uniform ripeness, some farmers choose to shake the golden berry shrub to harvest the fruit.

Dehydration has long been used as a means of preserving food. Drying of crops remains a critically important process to farmers in the poorer areas of the world. Losses of harvested crops to spoilage are far higher when compared to more developed countries; it is therefore a means to preserve the value of crops and reduce wastage.

By drying the fruit, the water activity index – which refers to the amount of water in a food – is significantly lowered. As water is needed to provide the environment for moulds and other bacteria to grow, foods with a low water activity have a much longer shelf life and are far less likely to spoil.
Our golden berries are carefully graded for drying; the temperature of drying process is closely monitored to ensure it remains below 45 degrees C. This ensures that in the dried form the berries retain as much of their original flavour and nutritional value as possible compared to the fresh berry.

Nutritional info Per 100g
Energy KJ – 1266 kJ
Energy Kcal – 303 kcal
Fat – 6.8g
of which saturates – 2.0g
Carbohydrate – 42.9g
of which sugars – 37.2g
Fibre – 22.5g
Protein – 6.2g
Salt – 0.14g
Vitamin C – 40.9mg

This product is free from the following allergens:
Peanut, Peanut Oil
Tree nuts
Sesame Seeds
Milk & Derivatives
Wheat & Gluten
Other Known Allergens
It is also free from any GMO

Due to UK regulation surrounding nutrition and health – we are very limited with any claims regarding this product. This doesn’t mean you can’t do your own research on this product.

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