Make Your Own Capsules

Make Your Own Capsules

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About capsule machine and empty capsules

The best home capsule maker on the market.
The Capsule Machine – For filling size “00”

We are also selling empty “00” vegetarian capsules, for this capsule maker.

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Make your own capsules easily with the Capsule Machine

Love from Detox Trading  Easily joins and ejects filled capsules
Love from Detox Trading  Simple to clean
Love from Detox Trading  Fills 24 capsules in just a few minutes!
Love from Detox Trading  “00” size fills between 600 mg – 1100 mg, depending of powder density.

Buying superfoods in capsule form is expensive, we have looked into selling our own brand capsules for those superfoods that are hard to incorporate into your daily routine or with a strong flavour. Our solution is to offer the best and easiest capsule maker for the home user. We have successfully used this capsule machine for the past 3 years ourselves and highly recommend it.

Products that have particularly strong flavours and could definitely benefit from being encapsulated are…

Love from Detox Trading Reishi
Love from Detox Trading Neem
Love from Detox Trading Cats Claw
Love from Detox Trading Amla
Love from Detox Trading Shilajit
Love from Detox Trading Bitter melon
Love from Detox Trading Graviola
Love from Detox Trading Mangosteen rind
Love from Detox Trading Valerian
Love from Detox Trading Dong quai

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Make Your Own Capsules

Capsule Machine ♡ £19.95, 100 x Empty Capsules ♡ £2.95, 200 x Empty Capsules ♡ £5.80, 500 x Empty Capsules ♡ £14.00

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