MSM Powder (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane)

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MSM Powder (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane)


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About our MSM powder

MSM powder is a form of biologically active sulphur that is a component in the formation of collagen, elastin, cartilage and keratin within the body.

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About our MSM powder

Purple HeartCountry of Origin: China


MSM stands for methyl‐sulphonyl‐methane, a form of biologically active sulphur that is a component in the formation of collagen, elastin, cartilage and keratin within the body.

This sulphur is an essential nutrient required for the body’s production of proteins such as those found in bones, connective tissues, hair, skin and nails. Small quantities of MSM occur naturally in many unprocessed foods but this can quickly be lost when these foods are cooked. As such many people do not consume sufficient amounts of MSM from food sources alone.

Because MSM powder promotes collagen production it is very popular with people who appreciate having a radiant complexion, glowing skin and glossy hair. Sulphur is often referred to as “the beauty mineral” because it is reported to have such beneficial effects for skin and hair.

MSM is formed naturally as a by‐product of algae growing in the oceans and then is evaporated into the clouds. With rain, it falls to Earth and becomes food and nutrition for all living organisms. MSM is highly concentrated in plants watered by rain, such as pine bark, wild grasses, aloe vera, etc. However it is almost impossible to extract MSM from these plants which is why MSM is created in lab conditions.

Possible health benefits of MSM

Love from Detox Trading  MSM is important for collagen generation and cartilage formation
Love from Detox Trading  Helps maintain joint and muscle health and comfort
Love from Detox Trading  MSM is also important for healthy skin, strong nails and glossy hair
Love from Detox Trading  May assist liver detoxification in the body
Love from Detox Trading  MSM may also aid immunity
Love from Detox Trading  Can help with repair after a sports injury

Suggested use:

Start with small quantities of MSM, initially ½ tablespoon in a glass of water and increase the dose gradually to 1 – 2 tablespoons each day. For optimum absorption take with a botanical source of vitamin C such as camu camu, acerola or rosehip.
Tip: MSM dissolves better in warm rather than cold water, a squeeze of lemon juice will also make it more palatable.

How our MSM is processed

Our MSM is expertly produced by one of the leading manufacturers of MSM in China. The production of MSM powder is designed to replicate the chemical reaction occurring in the upper atmosphere that generates MSM in nature.

Once the MSM has been synthesized, it undergoes centrifugal separation in order to eliminate most of the existing water in the mixture. The remaining solution is then filtered to ensure there are no foreign particles before it is allowed to cool and form solid particles. This crystallization process is essential for the purification of MSM: as most impurities do not fit into the lattice structure of the crystals, they remain part of the separated liquid solution and do not make it into the final product.

The MSM crystals are dried and carefully screened once more for any contamination. The resulting product is a white, odourless crystalline material resembling sugar, which is highly soluble and mixes easily into water or juice.

Nutritional info Per 100g
Energy KJ – 0 kJ
Energy Kcal – 0 kcal
Fat – 0g
of which saturates – 0g
Carbohydrate – 0g
of which sugars – 0g
Fibre – 0g
Protein – 0g
Salt – 0g

This product is free from the following allergens:
Peanut, Peanut Oil
Tree nuts
Sesame Seeds
Milk & Derivatives
Wheat & Gluten
Other Known Allergens
It is also free from any GMO

Due to UK regulation surrounding nutrition and health – we are very limited with any claims regarding this product. This doesn’t mean you can’t do your own research on this product.

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