BioSnacky Glass Sprouter


A simple and convenient sprouter to quickly grow fresh shoots and sprouts that provide both food and vitality, as well as tasting delicious.

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BioSnacky Glass Sprouter

alfalfa sproutsWe love the BioSnacky sprouter a simple and convenient sprouter to quickly grow fresh shoots and sprouts that provide a highly nutrient-rich food source that tastes delicious.

Love from Detox Trading  Ideal for sprouting broccoli and alfalfa seeds
Love from Detox Trading  Very easy  and efficient to use
Love from Detox Trading  The BioSnacky Sprouter is made from eco-friendly glass and PP (polypropylene).
Love from Detox Trading  PP is free from cadmium, formaldehyde and bisphenol A.
Love from Detox Trading  Easy to use and simple to clean
Love from Detox Trading  Dishwasher safe
Love from Detox Trading  Ideal for beginners
Love from Detox Trading  Designed to let in the maximum light
Love from Detox Trading  Provides perfect conditions for growth

BioSnacky Sprouter – perfect for sprouting broccoli seeds and alfalfa seeds.

Sprouting broccoli seeds with the BioSnacky Sprouter

Sprouting broccoli seeds has become very popular as awareness grows of the vast array of health benefits they provide. With over a dozen essential nutrients and compounds, these tiny seeds are a fantastic addition to your daily diet.

Broccoli seeds are perhaps most well know however for their sulforaphane content. Found in cruciferous vegetables, sulforaphane is a plant compound that boasts a huge range of possible health benefits including supporting your immune system, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, boosts brain function and heart health and can support detoxification.

Sprouting alfalfa seeds

The word “alfalfa” comes from the Arabic phrase, al-fac-facah which means “father of all foods”. Alfalfa sprouts are extremely nutritious. Alfalfa sprouts are the shoots of the alfalfa plant, harvested before they become the full-grown plant. Because they are so small, the sprouts contain a concentrated amount of calcium, vitamin K and vitamin C.

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The UK government's nutrition and health claim regulations are very strict.  As a result, we cannot state the full benefits of this product on our site and we encourage you to do your own research.

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