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What Was The First Fad Diet?

These highly marketed fad diets have a surprisingly long history, dating back to before humanity had definite answers to the question of nutrition.
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The Wonder Of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are wonderful things. Among the biggest, brightest and most cheerful of flowers, few sights have more of a positive visual impact.
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Eat Better To Sleep Better

Over the past year many people have noted that the health impact of the pandemic has not been confined to the effects of the virus …
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The Benefits Of Bath Salts

The waters of the oceans are filled with salt, and naturally, so are our bodies. Salt has antiseptic, detoxifying, cleansing, and a wealth of natural …
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UK Maca Superfoods

Recipe: Amida’s Raw Chocolate Recipe

Amida’s Raw Chocolate RecipeIngredients:120g Cacao Butter, grated4 tbsp. Maca Powder6 tbsp. Cocoa Powder (suit to taste)2 tbsp. Raw Agave Syrup / or Coconut Palm Sugar.Optional …
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Recipe: Raw Granola Recipe

Raw Granola RecipeThis is my favourite granola to make – when finished its crunchy goodness is difficult to tell apart from bought version and none …
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Sprouting Jar

Recipe: How to Sprout Seeds

How to Sprout SeedsTake 1 tablespoon seeds into a wide-mouthed glass jar.Cover the seeds with water.Soak for 8 hours.After 8 hours, rinse the seeds thoroughly …
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