Frankincense Deodorant

Frankincense Deodorant

Frankincense Deodorant

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About frankincense deodorant – grounding & calming

The Clay Cure deodorant, handmade with completely natural and organic certified ingredients. Eliminates odour effectively while allowing for the perspiration process to take place.
Ingredients: Coconut oil*Arrowroot*, Cornflour* Sodium bicarbonate, Jojoba wax, Apricot kernel oil*Boswellia Serrata*

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Purple HeartClay Cure’s balm deodorants are vegan and are made with the highest quality organic and food-grade ingredients.

About frankincense balm deodorant – grounding & calming

This frankincense deodorant balm is completely natural and uniquely powerful, utilising its pure ingredients to absorb odours and moisture, inhibit bacteria and ensure a long-lasting and highly effective deodorant. The creamy consistency allows for easy manual application and rapid absorption, suitable for all skin types.

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After years of trying to find natural deodorants that really work, all Detox Trading staff now use the deodorants from this range. The most important thing about them is the fact that unlike most other deodorants, all of the ingredients are edible (although we wouldn’t recommend eating it!) so they truly are the most natural and effective deodorants we’ve ever tried!

Be sure to check out the full range of aromas available, they’re all unisex and smell amazing (except for the ‘Simply Neutral’ deodorant of course which smells, well, neutral!).

Ingredients: Coconut oil*, Arrowroot*, Cornflour*, Sodium bicarbonate, Jojoba wax, Apricot kernel oil*, Boswellia Serrata*.

*Handmade with soothing, totally natural and organic certified ingredients
Eliminates odour effectively
Allows the natural process of perspiration

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Deodorant – Frankincense ♡ £6.99

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