Protein shakes can often be a contentious issue, typically made from Whey and synthetic flavourings these types of powders are readily available and widely used by body builders, gym bunnies and fitness fanatics. Mixed reports in the media make it hard to know what to believe when it comes to the benefits of taking protein.

Most people actually get enough protein in their daily diet, especially with the vast amount of meat that is now part of Western diets. Taking additional protein through a shake can actually add weight if not taken in conjunction with exercise.

However taking protein within half an hour of a work out can help to build muscle. Vegans and vegetarians may also benefit from natural sources of protein if they want to inject some additional protein in to their diet. And if you are skeptical about alternative protein powders just check out The Vegan Body Builder on YouTube… Wow!

Choosing a protein from a natural source such as pea or hemp and adding your own fresh flavours is a much healthier and sustainable way to still get your protein boost without all the added chemicals.


Watch our video for a totally vegan, totally delicious and completely natural protein shake…

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