Warming Winter Drinks To Enjoy This Season

With several months of winter left for those of us in the UK, there is no better time to find yourself some new warming hot drinks that you can add to your repertoire in the kitchen.

There are some really tasty and healthy concoctions you can whip up to give your body a boost and to just help you relax and unwind as we move through the winter.

Dance Magazine shared some of its favourite hot drinks for dancers, but we think that they are a good choice if you do any kind of physical activity. One of the options that makes the list is turmeric golden milk.

This is simple to make and really tasty. Put a cup of milk (any non-dairy option works well too) into a saucepan and whisk it together with your turmeric, as well as any other spices you feel like adding, over a medium heat until it’s almost boiling.

In terms of the other spices to add, the news provider suggested cinnamon, ground ginger and black pepper. Turmeric has become a staple in the likes of turmeric lattes too, so if you enjoy these and would like a similar drink but without the caffeine, a turmeric golden milk could be a great option.

Why turmeric? Well, there is research that suggests the curcumin the spice contains has anti-inflammatory properties.

Another top winter warming drink recommended by the publication is herbal tea. It doesn’t specify a particular kind either, noting only that herbal teas are not only hydrating but can also be good for you depending on their ingredients.

Our organic tea blends are a good place to start if you’re looking for some new herbal teas to add to your collection.

We’ve got the likes of our ‘flora tea’, which combines elderflower, agrimony and rose petals, as well as our ‘after tea’, which is made of peppermint, chamomile, caraway and fennel seed – a combination that can aid digestion, not to mention help you relax!

If you’re the kind of person who loves going out for long winter walks, it’s worth considering what hot drinks you could take with you in a thermos to give you a boost during your time exploring the great outdoors.

The Guardian recently shared a series of suggestions for warming drinks to take with you on your winter treks.

Among them are some tea suggestions that don’t feature milk, such as rosemary-infused green tea and turmeric tea. For the latter, you make it by steeping turmeric, ginger and orange in boiling water and straining it before you pour it into your flask.

Hot chocolate is, of course, a classic option at this time of year and there are many ways in which you can make it to give you maximum enjoyment during a windswept walk. There are several thick hot chocolate recipes available if you fancy something a bit more extravagant. One of the suggestions is champurrado, a Mexican hot chocolate drink.

As the Guardian article pointed out, there is no right or wrong option. You can simply brew up your favourite hot drink and take it with you to help warm you up while you make the most of the great outdoors.

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