How To Use Spices In Cooking

Fostering an interest in cooking is a really rewarding endeavour and you’re sure to find that your eyes are opened in all sorts of ways when you embark on new and exciting culinary adventures.

It can be a little daunting when you’re first starting out, however, and all the different techniques and ingredients can seem very overwhelming. How do you even know where to begin?

As a good first step, start by cooking the food you’re actually interested in eating! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy at all and, in fact, getting the basics down is very important as this will lay the foundations you’ll need when you do finally have the confidence to branch out and try new cuisines and cooking methods.

One of the best ways to bring your food to life as a beginner cook is to make excellent use of the spice cupboard. Even the most basic of dishes can be transformed with clever usage of different herbs and spices, so here are a few top tips to help you whip up a storm in the kitchen in no time whatsoever. Happy cooking, folks!

Invest in a pestle and mortar

Of course, you’ll need the convenience of ground spices if you do a lot of cooking, particularly for your mid-week meals, but there’s a huge amount to be said for investing in a pestle and mortar and grinding your own whole spices if you have the time. 

This gives you greater control over the texture of your spices and it’s a lot of fun… plus it will make the kitchen smell incredible! For extra flavour, toast your seeds before you grind.

Spice at the start

Knowing when to use your spices is half the battle won while cooking. If you throw them in at the start of your dish, you’ll find that they have longer to work their magic and give you that beautiful depth of flavour that you’re looking for with your food.

Make your own spice blends

If you know you’re often pushed for time but still want tasty food, making your own blends of herbs and spices is a brilliant way to ensure that you’ve got something to hand that you can use when you need to throw something delicious together in a hurry. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start your own cottage industry line of spice!

Taste as you go

If you don’t taste your food, you’ll never know whether it’s right or not… and you run the risk of serving up a sub-par dish! Make sure you taste at various stages throughout the cook as well, so you can adjust your spices and other seasoning as you go. This will really help you develop your palate and ultimately make you a better cook.

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