Alfalfa Seeds 🌿 Organic

Alfalfa Seeds 🌿 Organic

Alfalfa Seeds 🌿 Organic


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About our alfalfa seeds for sprouting

The word “alfalfa” comes from the Arabic phrase, al-fac-facah which means “father of all foods”, so named because they are extremely nutritious.

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About our organic alfalfa seeds for sprouting

Soil AssociationCountry of Origin: Italy
Botanical Name: Medicago sativa

Alfalfa SproutsThe word “alfalfa” comes from the Arabic phrase, al-fac-facah which means “father of all foods”. Alfalfa sprouts are extremely nutritious.
Alfalfa sprouts are the shoots of the alfalfa plant, harvested before they become the full-grown plant. Because they are so small, the sprouts contain a concentrated amount of calcium, vitamin K and vitamin C.

How to sprout alfalfa seeds

Love from Detox Trading  Take 1 tablespoon seeds into a wide-mouthed glass jar.
Love from Detox Trading  Cover the seeds with water.
Love from Detox Trading  Soak for 8 hours.
Love from Detox Trading  After 8 hours, rinse the seeds thoroughly and drain well before returning them to the jar.
Love from Detox Trading  Cover the jar with a light piece of cloth.
Love from Detox Trading  Place the jar in a cool, semi-lit location.
Love from Detox Trading  Rinse and drain the seeds at every 8 to 12 hours, or 2 or 3 times a day.
Love from Detox Trading  Wait for about 5 to 7 days.
Love from Detox Trading  After 5 to 7 days its time to give your sprouts a final rinse.
Love from Detox Trading  After rinsing, place the cloth covered jar into the refrigerator.
Love from Detox Trading  This will keep your sprouts fresh for up to 2 weeks.

This product is free from the following allergens:
Peanut, Peanut Oil
Tree nuts
Sesame Seeds
Milk & Derivatives
Wheat & Gluten
Other Known Allergens
It is also free from any GMO

Due to UK regulation surrounding nutrition and health – we are very limited with any claims regarding this product. This doesn’t mean you can’t do your own research on this product.

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