Why Burdock Is Brilliant, With Or Without Dandelions 

Beautiful Growing Flower Root Burdock Thistle On Background Mead

Burdock is a word that will usually evoke memories of Dandelion and Burdock, a soft drink usually consumed in childhood, with a distinctive taste that may occasionally be recalled on the rare occasions when one comes across a bottle as an adult.

We recently wrote about dandelion and how its inclusion in the drink might have seemed curious, while at the same time its root has all kinds of other nutritious benefits. Burdock may be less familiar as a plant without those bright yellow flowers, but it is also a potential source of healthy superfood that makes it so more than just a fizzy drink ingredient.

In fact, burdock is one of the best organic supplements around, with an array of attributes that have been understood for centuries and, research has shown, some extra benefits that were not known until recently.

Historically, burdock root has been used as a diuretic and for indigestion, as well as skin conditions like acne and eczema. But we now know it is also a good source of antioxidants and helps reduce the level of toxins in the blood. 

There has also been some research to suggest it may have cancer-inhibiting qualities and act as an aphrodisiac. Other studies have suggested it may help tackle diabetes and keep cholesterol down. However, more research is needed on these topics to confirm if these benefits are genuine and significant.

Nonetheless, knowing all that is confirmed to be good about burdock provides every reason to include some of it as a powdered supplement in drinks and meals. It should be used in moderation as it is a diuretic and you should always get it from a reputable supplier and not from the wild, as it often grows next to the similar-looking belladonna nightshade, which is toxic.

Like dandelion, burdock’s qualities may be surprising. Who knew soft drink makers have been onto such a good thing for centuries?

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