Why bentonite clay Is the next big miracle ingredient

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The benefits of bentonite

Bentonite clay has become one of the new buzz ingredients on the block. In some cultures that use it extensively, it’s often referred to as ‘healing’ clay due to its miraculous properties. Its popularity has grown significantly in the west over the last 10 years, and it is often recommended for its ability to promote better health thanks to its detoxifying properties. 

What exactly is Bentonite clay?

Bentonite clay is formed from the ash of volcanoes. It has a long history as a traditional healing ingredient that could protect the body from disease and has been used for many years during fasting, cleansing and detoxing. Read on whilst we break down the many benefits of bentonite.

Adding water to Bentonite clay gives it a negative charge, meaning it can quite literally pull toxins from the body. It works both topically and when ingested, making it an extremely versatile product.

Bentonite clay can unclog your pores

External and internal toxins can clog up the pores in your skin, especially on your face. We use methods like exfoliation to help shrink the size of our pores and cleanse them, but you can also use a simple face mask made from Bentonite clay as a fantastic alternative to so many of the packs available in the shops. Thanks to it producing a negative electrical charge, it will quite literally clean out and absorb all of the dirt and grime on your face to make way for clearer, brighter skin. For softer, youthful-looking skin, there’s nothing better than the benefits of bentonite.

Provides you with nutrients

Bentonite clay is a useful everyday supplement in its own right. It’s a rich source of calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper, iron, silica and potassium. This makes Bentonite clay one of the most incredibly dense ingredients around and it can be added to all kinds of food and drink. Although it does have a somewhat ‘muddy’ taste so it’s best taken with a little water in the morning.

Works great as a hair mask

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of Bentonite clay powder with the same amount of water and it will create a smooth paste the consistency of mustard. Add this to your hair in the shower, leave in for a few minutes before washing out and you’ll find that it creates a beautiful hair mask with excellent conditioning properties that will leave your hair looking strong, shiny and nourished.

Buying Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is relatively inexpensive and lasts for a long time. It’s easy to obtain and at Detox Trading we stock a wide range of clays for internal and external use, along with clay-based deodorants and tooth powders. It has many wonderful uses and is perhaps the ultimate food and beauty product to invest in.
A word of warning
While Bentonite clay has many useful properties, there’s one major rule that you need to remember: do NOT mix Bentonite clay with metal, ever! It should never ever come in contact with metal or else it will lose much of its healing properties. Make sure you mix with a bamboo or wooden spoon and used ceramic or glass bowls.

Detox Trading’s bentonite clay is a powerful, yet gentle detoxifier and is high in alkaline with a Ph of 8.5. It is ultra pure, clean, allergen free, laboratory tested and high in beneficial trace elements, making it the clay of choice for internal use. Visit our website for more information on the fantastic products that we supply.

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