The incredible benefits of seaweed


The incredible benefits of seaweed

When people think seaweed, they often think back to summer days on the beach, the salty smell, squidgy feel underfoot and throwing it around to scare your friends. Either that or for fans of Japanese cuisine, fried crispy seaweed and sushi rolls mmmm.  

But if you’re not accustomed to the great taste and wonderful benefits of seaweed then you are about to learn to love it! So here are 8 good reasons why you should be consuming seaweed regularly.

1. Naturally loaded with protein

Seaweed is an excellent choice of vegetarian protein. When added to soups, salads or even bread, 100 grams of seaweed can give you up to 6 grams of protein.

2. Contains easily-digestible fibre

Seaweed contains a fair amount of fibre (around 1.3 grams per 100 grams of kelp) and it’s extremely soluble.

3. Filled with vitamins and minerals

Different types of seaweed offer different nutrients, but regardless of the variety, they’re always dense with vitamins and minerals. This includes vitamin A, vitamin C and folate. And most importantly seaweed is very high in iodine, sea vegetables are one of the richest sources of thyroid health enhancing iodine.
4. Low in calories and fat
A single-cup serving of seaweed contains only 28 calories. One portion makes for a fantastic, guilt-free snack that still leaves room for other healthy treats.

5. Full of flavour

Seaweed has what’s known as an umami flavour, also known as the fifth taste. It’s a savoury taste that you also find in mushrooms, miso and soya sauce, and has the characteristics of a well-made broth.

6. Easy to eat

Seaweed goes down incredibly easily thanks to the many ways it can be consumed. Do you want a crispy seaweed snack, or would you prefer some ocean salad seaweed mixed with your favourite raw veggies and dip?

7. Can be used in lots of different ways

You can harness the benefits of seaweed by adding them to soups and stews, mixed into a salad, used in wraps, added to Asian broths, paired with pasta, cooked as a side dish and can even be incorporated into home-made bread. With so many versatile uses, it can easily become a staple in your pantry.

8. Readily available now

You no longer need to visit Asian supermarkets to buy your seaweed! You can simply order one of our wonderful varieties straight to your door. And all our seaweed comes in a dried form so you can rehydrate it whenever you need it without worrying about it spoiling.
Seaweed is incredibly easy to add to your diet and has a salty, rich flavour that everyone can enjoy. It’s easy to add to meals and comes in a handy snack form for healthy eating on-the-go. This sea superfood is easy to prepare and lasts for a long time in the cupboard.

Detox Trading’s organic range of seaweeds are bursting with nutrients, containing a rich supply of minerals like iodine, calcium, copper and iron. Seaweed is also rich in protein, fibre and vitamins, specifically vitamin K and folic acid while being low in calories and fat. Visit our website for more information on the benefits of seaweed and other fantastic products that we supply.

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