Vegan Pancake Recipes For February 25th!

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Pancake Day is just around the corner, taking place this year on February 25th - so we know you’re all very excited to hit the kitchen and whip up endless batches of these sweet treats (or savoury, if you’re that way inclined). If you tried and succeeded at Veganuary this year and want to continue [...]

Raw Chocolate Recipe

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We have included our very own homemade raw chocolate recipe for you to experiment with below. Making your own raw chocolate at home is incredibly easy, really fun and a much healthier alternative to shop bought chocolate which can be laced with refined sugars. You can play around by adding a whole range of exciting flavours- [...]

Cacao and Berry Granola Recipe

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Cacao and mixed berry granola recipe Ingredients 1kg rolled oats 100g goji berries 100g mulberries 100g golden berries 150g cacao nibs 50g coconut flakes 80ml coconut oil ½ tbsp cinnamon 2 tbsp cacao powder 150 ml honey or agave syrup (add slightly more for a sweeter tooth!) 1 tsp vanilla extract 100g of almonds or [...]

Kimchi Recipe

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Following on from the previous post on the importance of gut health, we have included our very own kimchi recipe for making this probiotic-rich food at home. You can really play around and substitute different ingredients and use up what you have in the cupboard- you can even add things like seaweed, fennel, jerusalem artichoke and beetroot!  Ingredients  1 [...]

How to make coconut yoghurt

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How to make coconut yoghurt As coconut products continue to take over the world, coconut yoghurt has become an increasingly popular alternative to cows yoghurt, but delicious as it is it also leaves you with something of a hole in your pocket.  Thankfully there is a simple solution so you can continue to get your fix of creamy [...]

How to make kimchi

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If you have not yet been introduced to kimchi then I promise you, and your gut, are going to love it. Hailing from Korea and similar in style to sauerkraut, kimchi is a spicy, tangy, fermented food that is traditionally served as a side dish. This recipe uses red cabbage as the base, but white [...]

Recipe – Raw peanut butter and jam protein slice

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This one tasty raw cake recipe! I am such a big fan of peanut butter and jam. The combination of sweet and salty is a classic and is a firm favourite for so many people on toast, in sandwiches, on pancakes. However, heavily laden with refined sugar. I now tend to stay away from conventional [...]

Get your chocolate fix, superfood style…

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This is one amazing raw chocolate recipe! If, like us, you’re a massive chocoholic, you may be wondering how you can get all the goodness you need while enjoying your favourite snack. The good news is that with the variety of cacao products available, it’s perfectly possible to eat chocolate and enhance your health and [...]

Enjoy a healthy sweet treat fix with superfoods

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A healthy diet needn't mean the end of desserts and the odd treat. Remember, everything should be enjoyed in moderation! It is also perfectly possible to maximise the nutritional value of your favourite sweet items by making a few careful swaps and by incorporating nutrient-dense superfood sweet treats into your diet. These can supercharge your [...]