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Lucuma Powder
(Soil Association Certified)

Organic Lucuma Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods
Lucuma Powder - Organic

Soil Association
 Country of Origin: Peru
 Botanical Name: Lucuma Obovata

Because of EU Regulation on nutrition and health - we are very limited on any nutrition or health claims on this product. This does not mean you can't research your own information on the internet on this product.

About Our Organic Lucuma Powder

Lucuma (Loo-Ku-Mah) whole fruit powder is my favourite addition to my breakfast smoothie (see recipe here). It's got a rich, creamy texture and will turn your raw food creations into gourmet heavenly delights.

Sourced from farms in Pesco (central Peru), Lucuma is a raw gourmet, organic nutrient dense fruit. Dubbed the "Gold of Incas" this exotic Peruvian fruit is celebrated for its flagrant flavour.

Lucuma Fruit

Lucuma is a nutrient dense fruit from Peru. It smells divine, and tastes like maple syrup flavoured ice-cream! In Peru, the yellowy-orange fruit pulp is added to ice-cream and is Peru's favourite flavour.

This exotic Peruvian fruit is also known as the "Gold of the Incas", and is also one of the lost crops of the Incas. Peruvian culture is steeped in traditions rich in fine foods and cultural culinary delights. The Lucuma name has been honoured both spiritually and culinary since ancient times. Today, this fruit is still prominent in contemporary celebrations.

Lucuma powder is really versatile and tasty, blending easily and well with ice-creams, baby food, yogurt, pies, cakes, cookies, smoothies, chocolate bars and desserts of all kinds.

How to use Lucuma Powder:

Just add a spoonful to your favourite raw desserts, bars or smoothies. Make a coulis from Lucuma and raw agave nectar

Approved Health Benefits of Lucuma Powder

Micronutrients in Lucuma Powder contribute to:
tiny energy-yielding metabolism
tiny maintenance of bones
tiny maintenance of teeth
tiny normal function of cell membranes

* These approved health benefits are based on the detailed nutritional composition of the product we supply. These health benefits may not be applicable to similar products from other suppliers.

How our Lucuma is processed?

Lucuma FruitOur Lucuma is grown on orchards in Peru. The evergreen trees produce greenish yellow flowers are throughout the year, and after being pollinated, the fruits mature on the tree for around 9 months. The Lucuma tree bears fruit throughout the year, but the main harvest occurs in the spring between January and April.

When the mature fruit falls from the Lucuma tree it isn't ripe and the pulp is too hard to be edible. The fruit must be stored under hay until the bitter white latex breaks down and it softens, however even when fully ripe the flesh remains relatively firm, and similar to pumpkin in texture. Lucuma can be eaten raw but is usually cooked and mixed with other foods to add flavour and sweetness.

To produce our lucuma powder, the ripe fruits are thoroughly washed and cut into small segments which are fully dehydrated, maintaining the temperature below 45°C. The dried fruit is then carefully milled into a fine powder which can be stored for up to 2 years, retaining its nutty caramel flavour. Our Lucuma powder is rigorously tested for microbial activity to ensure that the finished product is as pure and natural as possible.

Organic Lucuma Powder
Nutritional Information

  Nutritional info Per 100g

Energy KJ - 1566 kJ
Energy Kcal - 369 kcal
Fat - 1.1g
of which saturates - 0.3g
Carbohydrate - 85.3g
of which sugars - 14.6g
Protein - 3.46g
Fibre - 2g
Salt - 0.2g
Calcium - 92mg
Phosphorus - 186 mg

  This product is free from the following allergens:

Peanut, Peanut Oil
Tree nuts
Sesame Seeds
Milk & Derivatives
Wheat & Gluten
Other Known Allergens

It is also free from any GMO.


Please note the material on this web page is for information purpose only. This product has not been assessed or verified by regulatory authorities. This product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and / or medical conditions. Under UK law, the 'treatment' of an illness or disease with a medical origin can only be prescribed/advised upon, by a practicing doctor.

Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking any medication or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur.

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Soil Association

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