Detox Clay Powder Is The Perfect Complement To Sober October

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It’s sober October, and many people will be taking a month-long break from booze. This may be for health reasons or simply because you want to get that healthy glow back into your skin. The recommended weekly alcohol unit intake is 14 units for both men and women, yet it is estimated that about 24% of adults in the UK regularly drink more than this amount. 

Daily drinking or binge drinking at the weekend is an easy habit to slide into, but it can be hard to break. People often find that after taking a month or even three off alcohol, their system is reset and they find that when they return to drinking, they can drink more moderately.

 The Times reports that inspirational Instagram posts such as ‘soberglow’ trend during sober October, as people realise that previously tired dull skin now looks smooth, dewy and youthful.  

Dr Richard Piper, CEO of the charity Alcohol Change, told the publication: “Your skin glows naturally, 70 per cent of people find they sleep better after Dry January and 66 per cent report better energy levels. It has become so much more socially acceptable to go alcohol-free at any social event.”

He added: “Around 13 per cent of people who stop drinking for a month end up stopping altogether. Although some people resume drinking 50 units a week again after completing Dry January, so the outcome is highly individual and not something we can predict.” 

“Alcohol starts to affect health on the inside and there is a direct correlation between your risk of many diseases, including heart attack, type 2 diabetes and stroke, and the units you drink. Alcohol also elevates cancer proteins, but the good news is that by cutting it out for a month and cutting back on it longer-term, you massively reduce your health risks.”

For anyone looking for a way to keep on the wagon during October, there is plenty of advice out there, including using apps or joining online support groups. Participants often also focus on the many benefits of drinking less alcohol, including having more energy, losing weight, and having softer and younger looking skin. 

If you want to celebrate your achievements or just give yourself an extra boost to keep up the challenge, then using a detox clay powder can help to really perfect your complexion and ensure that it is looking its best. 

When applied externally to the face, clay powder can help to absorb excess oil, unclog pores, and really put the finishing polish on your new complexion. Some people also find that it alleviates the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

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