8 tips for your body and mind detox


Top detox tips

Daily life takes its toll on our mind and body. With constant exposure to airborne pollutants and diets that are high in processed foods, it’s important to take some time to flush out those harmful toxins. To help reset our mind and body, here are a few detox tips for a full body detox.

1.      Cut the sugar

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all been guilty of eating too many foods that are high in sugar. If your diet consists of a lot of sugary foods, this could eventually lead to chronic fatigue and weight gain. High sugar intake increases your blood glucose levels, which in turn can make you hungry again quicker and in the long term cause problems with insulin production, leading to type 2 diabetes and other health problems. One of the key detox tips!

2.      Get moving

Regular exercise improves blood circulation. The release of endorphins will help to improve your overall mood and reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. Your body will feel stronger, and you’ll feel more energised. It will even help improve your quality of sleep.

3.      Drink more water

It sounds simple but drinking more water is one of the key elements to good health and is essential to help detox both your body and mind. Obviously water is extremely hydrating but it also helps important minerals move freely in to the cells while also helping flush out toxins. Water can ease a headache, relieve fatigue, improve skin, aids weight loss and improves energy levels. 8 glasses or 2 litres is an ideal daily amount, try adding a slice of lemon, some fresh cucumber or mint to mix up the flavour.

4.      Sweat it out

Traditional detoxing solutions can require some lifestyle adjustment, but for something a little simpler, taking a steam could be an excellent and relaxing solution. Regular trips to the sauna will help to flush out any toxins through your sweat. Always remember to effectively rehydrate following a sauna session, as your body would have lost valuable liquids during the process.

5.      Treat yourself to a massage

While using the sauna at your local spa, why not book yourself in for an exfoliating massage? Not only is this an indulgent and relaxing treat for yourself, but the therapist will also be tackling those toxins through the circulation and massage process. Again, ensure to hydrate after your massage to help flush out those harmful toxins.

6.      Meditate

An effective detox isn’t just about the body, but also requires focus on your overall mental wellbeing. Meditation is an effective stress and anxiety buster. It will also help you to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Deep breathing will help to focus your mind and calm your body, encouraging an overall sense of wellness.

7.      Go fresh and organic

Fresh and organic vegetables are rich in the vital nutrients that will help improve digestion. Consider starting your day with a vegetable-rich smoothie to help kick-start your system and prepare for the day.
Adjusting your diet also means eliminating harmful oils from your diet, including vegetable, peanut, and sunflower oil. There are plenty of good oils that can be used in cooking, but all in moderation. Try switching to coconut oil or ghee for a healthier alternative when cooking.

8.      Boost our vitamin intake

If your body is lacking in key vitamins and minerals you will likely feel sluggish, lethargic, and just not on top of your game. B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are all excellent to help a cleanse your system and improve your wellbeing.

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