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8th Nov

Earth Hug Mushroom Hot Chocolate

Earth Hug Mushroom Hot Chocolate

About Earth Hug - 4 Mushroom Hot Chocolate

An earthy and rich hot chocolate with a difference, made with an incredible combination of our four favourite mushroom powders and Peruvian cacao. This warming drink consists of wild Chaga- 'the mushroom of immortality', Reishi – commonly known as a strong tonic, Cordyceps – full of important vitamins and minerals, and Lions Mane- prized for its cognitive support.

Mango Powder

Mango Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our organic mango powder

Our freeze-dried pure mango powder is made from certified organic mangoes. This delicious and intensely flavoured organic powder is ideal for smoothies, yoghurt and adding to juices.

Mangoes are packed with active enzymes, antioxidants and a whole range of vitamins.

Red Yeast Rice Powder
Red Yeast Rice Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our Red Yeast Rice Powder

This is an increasingly popular product in relation to circulatory support, however it comes with a number of contraindications so please consult a professional health practitioner before taking it.

Organic Carrot Powder
(Soil Association Certified)

Organic Carrot Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our organic carrot powder

A wonderfully versatile product which can be used internally as well as cosmetically. Our organic dried carrot powder is made from the dried and ground root vegetable.

Californian Spirulina Powder

Organic Spirulina from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our Californian Spirulina

Spirulina is an edible blue algae that has a long history of safe human consumption and over 30 years of safety testing. Its so easy to digest, so the many wonderful nutrients are absorbed quickly. This super food, life form, has been renewing itself for over 3.5 billion years. Spirulina is consumed by health conscious people all over the world and is is a wealthy source of vitamins, proteins and amino acids.

Passion Flower Powder

Passion Flower Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About Our Passion Flower Powder

Native to the Americas, passion flower is a climbing wildflower admired for its beauty and vibrancy that has been used topically to heal cuts and bruises for centuries. 

Valerian Root Powder
Valarian Root Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About Our Valerian Root Powder

Valerian root, hailing from the valerian plant, is a flowering plant native to Europe and parts of Asia that blooms beautiful pink and white flowers in the summer months. A well known and very popular herb, valerian root has been used for centuries as a natural 'sleeping pill'. Studies have shown that valerian can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and can help improve the quality of sleep. In fact a study by the Foellinge Health Center in Sweden reported that 89% of participants in a sleep study experienced improved sleep after taking valerian. 

Pau D'arco Bark

Pau D'arco Bark - Premium - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our Pau D'arco Bark

Native to the tropical climates of the Amazon rainforest and South and Central America, pau d'arco comes from the inner bark of the Taheebo tree, a large canopy tree that can grow up to 30m in height and 2m - 3m in trunk diameter. Used for thousands of years in South America, pau d'arco has traditionally been utilised to treat all manner of ailments including maleria, infections, the common cold and topically on skin conditions and insect bites. 

Natural Toothbrush

Natural Bamboo Toothbrushtiny Premium Grade Quality Eco Bamboo Toothbrush
tiny Activated Charcoal Nylon Fibre Bristles
tiny Ergonomic Bamboo Handle
tiny 100% Biodegradable toothbrush, organic
tiny Vegan

The bristles are made from a BPA free Nylon fibres that is resistant to microbial growth during normal use, to ensure safety and durability. We recommend you rinse and dry your toothbrush after use to keep it clean.Our nylon bristles are infused with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has long been known as one of natures best absorbing and cleaning agents. Activated charcoal is a natural antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral agent. It detoxifies and deodorizes your mouth, balancing PH levels while absorbing odor. Not only this, but activated charcoal has powerful absorption abilities making it effective at removing surface stains from teeth leaving you with a brighter smile.

The Clay Cure Toothbrush handle can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost or landfill. The bamboo handle will biodegrade into soil without pollution, we suggest that you remove the bristles and place them into the bin or recycling.

Raw Cacao
Natural Tooth powder
Mays's Smile
Raw Cacao Natural Toothpowder

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity? you are one of them and also love chocolate, you may be in luck! Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center found that Theobromine a component of raw cacao can help restore and repair tooth enamel!

Ingredients for the Raw Cacao:
(see below for further information on each ingredient used)

Calcium carbonate,  Beige Montmorillonite clay**, Raw Criolla Cacao (70g per Jar), Kaolin clay**, Sodium bicarbonate (alu. free), Xylitol, Himalayan rock salt.

tiny New in Stock tiny
Activated Charcoal
Natural Tooth powder
Whiter Teeth
Activated Charcoal Natural Toothpowder

Ingredients for the Activated Charcoal:

Calcium carbonate,  Beige Montmorillonite clay, Kaolin clay, Sodium bicarbonate (alu. free), Activated charcoal, Xylitol, Himalayan rock salt.

tiny New in Stock tiny
Detox Trading
Turmeric Latte Blend

Turmeric Latte Blend

A vegan, caffeine-free hot drink that not only tastes fantastic but is full of health promoting ingredients. Turmeric is widely recognised as one of the most beneficial spices for health, this nutritional powderhouse contains curcumin which can work as a highly effective anti-inflammatory. Our outstanding quality, organic turmeric contains as much as 7% curcumin, much higher than most other powdered turmeric, and could help support cognitive function, boost antioxidant content and aid digestion.

Turmeric Latte

tiny New in Stock tiny
tiny Organic Calendula Flower tiny
(Soil Association Certified) Organic Calendula Flowrs

Soil Association
 Country of Origin: Egypt
 Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis


Our beautiful organic fresh calendula herb (Marigold) is from Egypt, straight from harvest, ensuring the highest quality flowers. This therapeutic drink is known as 'The Golden Treasure' as it is said to have powerful skin-healing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


tiny New in Stock tiny

tiny Organic Fine Cut Chamomiletiny

(Soil Association Certified)

Organic Chamomile

Soil Association
 Country of Origin: Egypt
 Botanical Name: Matricaria chamomilla

Our super fresh chamomile comes from Egypt. After harvesting the chamomile flowers are 'fine cut' (also known as 'tea bag cut') producing the finest quality chamomile tea. Using only the 'fine cut' has the advantage of having the highest essential oil content available, and therefore gives maximum therapeutic value and maximum taste for tea!


tiny New in Stock tiny

Royal Kombu Seaweed
(Soil Association Certified)

Royal Kombu Seaweed - Saccharina latissima - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our Organic Kombu Seaweed - The King of Seaweeds

Kombu is an edible kelp seaweed that is widely eaten in Asian cuisine. Found in kelp forests off the coast of France, our kumbu is hand harvested at high tide and certified organic. These kelp forests are an important ecosystem for many organisms that live between the sea floor and the surface of the ocean.

tiny New in Stock tiny

Sea Spaghetti Seaweed
(Soil Association Certified)

Sea Spaghetti Seaweed - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our Organic Sea Spaghetti Seaweed

Harvested off the French coast, sea spaghetti is an edible brown alga with high amounts of dietary fibre. It's a good source of calcium, iodine, magnesium, manganese and zinc. It is also rich in vitamins A, B2, B7, C, E and is a great source of protein.

tiny New in Stock tiny

Agar Agar Powder
Vegan Gelatine
(Soil Association Certified)

Agar Agar Seaweed - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our organic Agar Agar

Agar or agar-agar is a vegan, plant-based alternative to gelatine that is obtained from the cell walls of certain types of red algae. Widely used in Asian cuisine and popular with vegan chefs, the gelling agent in agar agar is an unbranched polysaccharide which reacts to heat. Agar agar is a highly effective setting agent, thickener or clarifying agent. You can use powdered agar-agar in desserts, puddings, soups, jelly, yoghurt, ice-cream or jams and spreads.

tiny New in Stock tiny

Organic Wild Yam Root Powder
(Soil Association Certified)

Organic Wild Yam Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods

Some Possible Benefits of Wild Yam Powder

tiny May support women's health
tiny May support healthy circulation
tiny May help reduce abdominal & intestinal cramping
tiny May support the central nervous system
tiny May support a healthy inflammation response
tiny May support a healthy menstrual cycle
tiny May be beneficial for nervousness

tiny New in Stock tiny

Pine Pollen Powder
(Shell Broken)
Premium Pine Pollen Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods

Possible Benefits of Pine Pollen Powder

tiny Hormonal balance for men and women
tiny Strengthens the immune system
tiny Great brain food
tiny Balances androgenic and estrogenic hormones
tiny Supports and detoxifies the liver
tiny Great for the skin and hair
tiny Protects the cardiovascular system
tiny May reduce cholesterol
tiny May regulate weight by supporting the metabolism
tiny Said to be an aphrodisiac
tiny Said to supports a healthy sex life

tiny New in Stock tiny

Organic Bitter Melon Powder
(Soil Association Certified)

Organic Bitter Melon Powder - from Detox Trading Superfoods

Benefits of Bitter Melon Powder

tiny May help manage blood sugar levels and diabetes
tiny May help lower cholesterol levels
tiny May prevents osteoporosis
tiny Supports liver health
tiny Anti-inflammatory
tiny Helps weight loss
tiny Helps boost immune system

tiny New in Stock tiny

Glass Germinator

Biosnacky Germinator Seed Jar with Lid

We use this - A simple and convenient sprouter to quickly grow fresh shoots and sprouts that provide both food and vitality, as well as tasting delicious.

tiny Easy to use and simple to clean
tiny Eco-friendly glass
tiny Dishwasher safe
tiny Ideal for beginners

tiny New in Stock tiny
Ocean Salad Seaweed
Dulse, Sea Lettuce & Nori
(EU organic - non certified)

Ocean Salad Seaweed - from Detox Trading Superfoods

About our organic mixed seaweed

Comprising of Dulse, Sea Lettuce and Nori Seaweed, this is an organic pre-mixed sea salad blend, each piece is approx 4 to 6 mm in size. Sea vegetables are bursting with nutrients, containing a rich supply of minerals like calcium, copper, iodine and iron. They are also rich in protein, fibre and vitamins, specifically vitamin K and folic acid, while being low in calories and fat.

  tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny

Soil Association

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Updated: 8th Nov
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